Taxes for Canadian Sole Proprietorships and Corporations for Non-Residents

Introduction: If you’re a non-resident operating a business structure in Canada, either as a sole proprietorship or a corporation, understanding the tax implications is crucial. Canada has distinct rules for non-residents, and it’s essential to be informed about them. Sole Proprietorship Taxes for Non-Residents: Income Tax: Non-residents earning business income in Canada must file a […]

Can Privatily Create a Bank Account for My Business?

Yes, we can! Banking is a sensitive and personal matter, and here at Privatily, we prioritize your autonomy and privacy. We aim to balance providing you with a comprehensive service and respecting your personal space. While we don’t automatically create a bank account for you, we are more than capable and ready to do so […]

Activating Your UK, US, or Canadian Phone Number

Navigating telecommunications when you’re running an international business can be challenging. Still, at Privatily, we’re dedicated to simplifying the process for our clients. For UK Subscribers: If you’ve chosen our UK Premium package, we will send you a physical UK SIM card that fits right into your phone’s SIM tray. To activate this card, just […]

Understanding the Renewal Process with Privatily

Renewing your subscription with Privatily is a straightforward process, designed with ease and affordability in mind. For our US-based clients, the renewal process begins one year after your initial subscription. We charge an annual fee of $99, which covers the use of our registered agent service and our US mailing address as your company’s official […]

What if My Stripe Account Gets Shut Down? Understanding the Reason and Privatily’s Role

Understanding why Stripe may close an account is crucial. Most account closures occur due to the website linked to your Stripe account for payment acceptance, not due to the formation of your company with Privatily. Stripe reviews websites to ensure they align with their acceptable use policy, and if they find any non-compliance, they might […]

Comparing: US LLC vs. UK LTD vs. Canadian Sole Proprietorship vs. Corporation

Picking the right type – US LLC, UK LTD, Canadian Sole Proprietorship, or Corporation – is key for your business abroad. Let’s break it down simply: US LLC A US LLC provides a hybrid business structure with operational flexibility and pass-through taxation. Quick Formation: Setting up a US LLC is relatively fast, often taking just […]

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