Taxes for Canadian Sole Proprietorships and Corporations for Non-Residents

Introduction: If you’re a non-resident operating a business structure in Canada, either as a sole proprietorship or a corporation, understanding the tax implications is crucial. Canada has distinct rules for non-residents, and it’s essential to be informed about them. Sole Proprietorship Taxes for Non-Residents: Income Tax: Non-residents earning business income in Canada must file a […]

Taxes In The US for an LLC

Let’s break it down step by step: Pass-through Taxation: A US LLC is typically considered a “pass-through” entity. This means the company itself doesn’t pay taxes on its income. Instead, the profits (or losses) “pass through” to the owner and are reported on their personal tax forms. US Source Income: If your US LLC makes […]

VAT in the UK

You will not be required to register for VAT if you are drop shipper. This is because your products are never being ‘owned’ within the EU before they reach the end consumer. The threshold which determines whether a company must be registered for VAT, is £85,000 (about $110,000)

Taxes in the UK

Corporate tax in the United kingdom is 19% from the profit you make each year, click here to learn more about that topic. Profit is the revenue remaining after all costs are paid. These costs include materials, product costs, fees you pay, subscription fees, monthly salaries…

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