Can I Use The Same Stripe Account On Different Store?

Sure, Stripe lets you link the same account to more than one store, you can even link it to different platforms in the same time such as WooCommerce, Shopify, ClickFunnels.. all in the same time with one Stripe account.

Do I Need To Use A VPN To Access Stripe?

Short answer: No Long answer: You don’t need to use a VPN since we going to verify your Stripe account with your real home address, even if stripe doesn’t support your country, your real address will be used as home address, and the UK address we going to give your company gonna be used as […]

How to link Stripe to Shopify

If you want to link your Stripe account to your Shopify store, your Shopify store country has to be your local country, not United kingdom, if you set the country on Shopify to United Kingdom you can’t link Stripe to your Store, so you have to set your local country on your Shopify store even […]

How to change the bank account in your Stripe account

To change the bank account on your Stripe account: Sign in to your Stripe account Click settings in the left menu Under PAYMENTS AND PAYOUTS Click Bank accounts and scheduling Click Add bank account and choose you bank currency.. Once you finish filling the info they ask you Click Add bank account And then you […]

How to login to your Stripe account

Once we send you the access info to you Stripe account: 1. Go to 2. Click on Sign in on the top right corner. 3. Type the Email & Password and then click continue 4. Click “Sign in another way” 5. Click “Use your backup code” 6. Type the backup code we have given […]

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