Account creation

How to create a Mercury business account for your LLC

Navigate to Mercury: Open your web browser and head to the Mercury website at Initiate Account Creation: Click on either “Sign Up” or “Get Started” to kickstart your account registration journey. Opt for Business Account: Choose the option that allows you to create a business account. Enter Essential Information: Fill in your LLC’s legal […]

How to create a UK Payoneer business account

First Go to: 2: Select  I’m a:  Online seller 3: Select: Get paid by e-commerce marketplaces 4: Click on Register 5: Select ”Company” 6: Enter Your company name and set the  Registered legal entity of your business to Limited company (Ltd), Enter your First and last name, Type your email address and re-enter your email address, Enter […]

How to create PayPal Business UK account

Go to Select Business Account and click Next Answer the two questions depending on your business, if you don’t know what to choose, select “Not sure..” and click Next Type your email (it has to be an email that has never been linked to PayPal before) and click Continue Type a Password and click […]

How to create Wise Business UK account

To create a TransferWise business UK account you have to follow these steps: Go to Click Business Enter your email and password Set United Kingdom as country of registration and click Sign up And then type your company name and make sure that all the info about your company is correct (Note: Go to […]

How to create Tide UK account

Please note: There is a 98% chance that Tide will reject your application if  you don’t have a running business with proof like: advertising campaign under your company, invoice for inventory for the products your company sell, social pages for your company and a business website for your company.. if you don’t have these, there […]

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